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Paloh Lok Lok

Finally we can now eat Lok Lok in Ipoh without standing out on the street. Essentially a hawker specialty, Lok Lok, where all the food is on skewers and we cook it in pots of either stock or water, dip into a variety of sauces amidst a cornucopia of choices.

At Paloh Lok Lok the selections are staggering with around 60 types of meat, fish, shellfish, vegetables and noodles to choose from and sauces ranging from satay to chilli sauces from Lenggong, Kampar, Ipoh, homemade sambal belacan, dried prawn sambal, to sweet sauce and more. For those who love cockles, here you’ll find the biggest and cleanest ones fresh from Pantai Remis, cleaned and skewered for you. Choose from more than 15 types of noodles, 5-6 types of vegetables, 5-6 types of mushrooms. And we mustn’t forget the braised offal like intestines and pig’s ears and curried pig’s skin. All the skewers are marked with a colour: Red at RM1.20; Yellow at RM1.50; Green at RM1.80. A recent meal for four where we had masses of food with each person helping themselves to whatever they fancied came to RM80. A total help-yourself foodie paradise.

The only improvement I would suggest to the management is to change their fluorescent tubes from bright white to mellow yellow.

Paloh Lok Lok
10, Pusat Perdagangan Canning 3 (next to Thai Temple)
Tel: 012 507 6876 (Mr Yong) 012 512 6032 (Mr William)
Business hours: Tuesday-Friday 4-11pm; Saturday 2pm-11pm; Monday off
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