KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital Celebrates Ramadan

As part of its CSR effort to support the community, KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital made a difference this year with a series of Ramadan celebrations involving both the underprivileged as well as the public.

This second holy Friday of the Ramadan month, KPJ Ipoh made a contribution comprising rice, sugar, cooking oil, biscuits, flour and other essentials to Rumah Darul Hidayah, Jalan Lahat, a shelter for the Rohingyas and Pertubuhan Kebajikan Rumah Orang-orang Tua Islam Titian Abadi (PEKITA), Lahat.

A total of 40 Rohingya children and 10 Rohingya adults from Rumah Darul Hidayah, Jalan Lahat and 31 senior citizens from PEKITA enjoyed the time spent with the hospital’s volunteers.

The hospital’s CEO, Yusmah Salleh said, “This is the first round of our Ramadan celebrations with the underprivileged and the public. Besides celebrating with the Rohingya children and the elderly in PEKITA, we are happy to celebrate this holy month of Ramadan with the public who are perhaps unable to break fast at home. Therefore, we are distributing the Iftar pack at Ipoh Railway Station, today”.

KPJ Ipoh will celebrate another two Fridays in Ramadan with another two homes in Perak and will be distributing the Iftar pack at Terminal Amanjaya Ipoh.

“It is especially heartening to see the smiles on the children and the old folks’ faces and it was such a pleasant experience for them to meet and get together with the staff of KPJ Ipoh,” said Yusmah.

This programme is part of KPJ Ipoh’s continuous support towards the underprivileged communities in the state where they continue to organise many worthy causes besides the other three being health awareness, education and environment.

Luqman Hakim

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