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On Tuesday, May 29, Ed Quest Global held a certificate presentation ceremony at their centre at Ipoh Garden South. Certificates were presented to eight graduates, who enrolled in Ed Quest’s inaugural Public Speaking/Master of Ceremonies Programme. The eight underwent 15 intensive training classes beginning in March.

The objective was to improve the participants’ ability to organise and deliver proper presentations, as well as to improve their confidence when speaking in public. Harry Seggu, the founder of Ed Quest Global, said he approached K.T. Pillai, the lead trainer to assist him in carrying out the session, a year and a half ago.

“I’ve always wanted to share my experience and knowledge with others. I’ve been a professional speaker for 31 years now and I never had the opportunity to learn from a professional. When Harry made the proposal, I didn’t think twice. I’m always willing to offer my guidance to those who want to learn,” said Pillai.

Pillai feels that public speaking is an essential skill that has to be acquired by everyone. “You see big names on television. Most don’t seem too confident when speaking. That shows you the need to learn how to speak with the right poise and composure. In fact, public speaking should be a subject in schools. But for now, I’ll do what I can to help,” said an enthusiastic Pillai.

Abhiram Sandheep, 13, and Arwin Nanntha, 14, were two of the eight who received their certificates. The two students from Tenby International School, Ipoh expressed their pleasure with the progress they had made since doing the programme.

“I’m in my school debate team. I lacked confidence when speaking. So, I decided to join the programme. I’ve improved since,” said Arwin delightedly.

Readers wishing to enrol in the Training programme can call Harry Seggu: 016 558 4815 for details.

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