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In our continuing series on Eye Health, Fatimah Hospital’s Consultant Eye Surgeon Dr S.S. GILL talks to us about EYE MAKE-UP.

Every now and then I get some lady coming in to my consultation with a recurring eye infection that eventually can be traced to a contaminated eyeliner.

Do take note that just like any other item, improperly handled eye make-up may potentially result in eye problems.

Here are some pointers on the handling of eye make-up which may be followed to avoid this from happening.

Do take note of:


Avoid sharing eye make-up. This is a no-no, even if it’s your own sister or best friend! Sharing eye make-up exposes you to eye infections especially if the person you are sharing with is lax about eye hygiene and make-up care. The other person too runs a risk of picking up an eye infection.


Firstly, if you ever get an eye infection you should cease using all forms of eye make-up. If you have been using the eyeliner or make-up when the eye infection had developed, chances are the eyeliner would have been contaminated. The cap of the eyeliner often would have picked up some oily secretions from eyelids. You do not want to reuse such eyeliners after an eye infection has cleared or you may get re-infected. Always discard them!


Should you be a contact lens wearer, make sure that you put them on before putting on any eye make-up. Avoid heavy make-up but if this is an absolutely must, apply them carefully and do not let any get into the eyes. Eyeliners especially are prone to getting into the eye when it mixes with the oily sebaceous secretions from the eyelid margins, so do take it easy when applying!


When using eye creams and eye make-up, ensure that you check for the expiry date printed on the label. Generally, it is best to throw out eye make-up after three months. All products have a shelf life and it is important to follow this. Avoid using eyeliners that are more than six months old and avoid using expired products.


Always wash your hands and face before applying eye make-up. This is to avoid bacteria from unwashed hands from getting to the eye area. Additionally, remove all eye make-up before going to bed.

Always practise good eye make-up habits to protect your eyes and keep them beautiful and also healthy!

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