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Nritya Kalanjali Dance Academy’s Salangai Poojai


Nritya Kalanjali Dance Academy organised Salangai Poojai, which is the first performance of a dancer on stage at Kinta Indian Association, for six of its students.

Sudha Thamothiran, founder and principal of the academy said that she learned Bharatanatyam under Meera Venugopal. Sudha said she has been teaching Bharatanatyam for over 30 years and the academy has about 70 students. She added that the programme for the evening follows the Margam syllabus which incorporates a variety of dance compositions set in Bharatanatyam movement for Salangai Poojai. These are the standard dances performed during Salangai Poojai.

The students have been training between one to three years and are between the ages of seven and eighteen years. It looked like the three young girls were put on stage too early and too soon.

Most of the songs were in Tamil and the audience were able to understand the lyrics and follow the dance movements.

A. Jeyaraj

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