Lens without limbs – a Passionate Photographer

A true photographer will do what it takes to capture magnificent photos. Momen Faiz, 31 years old, a Palestinian without limbs, will go beyond his reach to accomplish his role as a war photographer.

At a solo exhibition entitled Solidarity for Freedom, Photography Outing 2018, Momen gave a talk to collect donations for Gaza via Aman Palestine, organised by PORT.

He was not born handicapped but lost both of his limbs during assignments in in dangerous war zones in 2008 and 2010. His handicap, however, did not stop him from his job. Despite having to work out of a wheelchair, he is still pursuing his dangerous job with passion.

“Nothing can stop me. In fact, I’m grateful to God as there are many unfortunates out there still pursuing their lives with all their might. Besides, this is my way to portray Gaza for the eyes of the world and reveal the truth,” said Momen, born in Gaza.

“Photographer is not just a job, it is a huge responsibility. We need to be courageous, sharp and be prepared. We must plan and imagine before going on assignment. Then, explore all angles, from top of roof or laying down on the soil. When we give our 100%, the results will be spectacular,” were tips given by Momen during his talk organised at Kellie’s Castle on December 8, 2018.

Momen has shown a talent for photography since he was 14 and now actively takes great pictures of war scenes for international newspapers, websites and private and governmental agencies. He also shares his collection via his social network.

FB: Momen Faiz    IG: @momen_faiz  Twitter: @momenfaiz

Rosli Mansor

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