Conserving a Century-old Mosque

A total of RM600,000 was allocated to build and conserve the Kampung Teluk Memali Mosque in Kampung Gajah.

Chief Executive Officer of ATSA Architects, Azim A Aziz said that the overall cost included relocation, refurbishing and repairs. The mosque has received the ‘Certificate of Completion and Compliance’ from the local authority.

“The cooperation with Politeknik Ungku Omar (PUO) lasted almost a year in order to preserve the heritage value of the religious institution,” he said after a presentation ceremony with Perak Islamic Religion and Malay Customs Council recently.

Kampung Teluk Memali Mosque is now 108 years old. It has been neglected for almost two decades. The mosque has been relocated from its original site at Teluk Memali in Kampung Gajah to its present site at a reserved land belonging to the Perak Islamic Religion and Malay Customs Council at Taman Seri Bougainvillea, Bandar Seri Botani.

According to Azim, the original design of the mosque, with the concept of a Malay traditional house hailing from approximately 1414, is retained.

“We took a long time to relocate the mosque as the structure needs to be repaired. For instance, the chengal and jati wood used were damaged. We sent the wood for repair and treatment at a company specialising in traditional woodcraft in Chemor.

“We relocated the water reservoir used for ablution by digging at the new spot. Additional facilities such as toilet and a hall were built.

“The conservation effort is in accordance to the standards stipulated by the Department of National Heritage. It’s hoped that the state government would recognise it as a national heritage building,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Director (Management) of Perak Islamic Religion and Malay Customs Council, Mohd Haidi Sulaiman stated that the construction of the mosque had the approval and support of the state fatwa committee.

“The mosque, which was originally located near the Perak River was no longer in use as villagers of Kampung Teluk Memali were themselves being relocated due to frequent floods. The mosque could accommodate over a hundred worshippers at any one time.

“We choose Bandar Seri Botani because the traditional features of the mosque complement the modernity of the area and thus create a unique sight,” he added.

Rosli Mansor

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