Dinner with Aziz Bari

Dr Abdul Aziz Bari, Executive Councillor for Education, Science, Environment, Green Technology and Information hosted a dinner for media practitioners on Tuesday, September 4. The event was held at Impiana Hotel, Ipoh.

Attended by almost 50 media representatives, Aziz greeted the diners upon arrival. He took the time to chat with everyone present.

Aziz’s intention was to establish a rapport with Ipoh-based media representatives. In his introductory speech, the state assemblyman for Tebing Tinggi highlighted the role the media play in politics and nation building. The “new Malaysia”, espoused by the ruling Pakatan Harapan government allows a greater degree of openness and space for press freedom.

“Allow the media to express their thoughts freely. They’re the fourth most important institution after the Legislative, Executive and Judiciary,” he insisted.

One of the most significant roles of the media, he felt, was articulating issues that are of importance to the country. This is a form of check and balance to keep the ruling government on its right path.

“Media outlets can educate people by maintaining the credibility of the news they dispense, especially if the news starts out as a rumour on social media,” he added.

Aziz ended his speech with the hope that media openness would help make Pakatan Harapan more responsible, accountable and responsive.

Qistina Izfarina

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