Beyond Deception: A Doctor Tells Her Story

Beyond Deception, a futuristic science fiction with extra-terrestrial elements and medical breakthroughs by Dr Nirmala Kasinathan is a sequel to Woven in Deception, a historical family drama which was published in February 2013. Beyond Deception has received a five-star book review from Readers’ Favourite, a US-based novel contest and review site.

Her debut novel, Woven in Deception was a tale woven around the lives of three generations of an affluent family afflicted by a gripping malignant curse. Beyond Deception follows on the descendants of the same family whose lives subsequently revolve around the prophecies and blessings of a great sage.

“The present book I wrote over the last four years with long writing breaks in between owing to my academic pursuits. I did indie publishing on Amazon’s Create Space in July 2018,” Nirmala, hailing from Ipoh, told Ipoh Echo.

“Writing started to interest and fascinate me ever since I began reading for a hobby as a young preschool child. I have very often dwelled on the hobby of writing, building on my ideas for fascinating stories. However, hailing from a conservative Ceylonese Tamil family, studies always took precedence and academic achievements given priority. Writing often had to be pushed aside in favour of academic pursuits,” she explained.

“I have written for school and college publications as a student. It wasn’t until I became a medical officer, however, that I finally had the time to chase my dream of becoming a part-time published author and it remains a much-loved hobby and source of much pride,” she enthused, citing authors such as Enid Blyton, Arundhati Roy, John Grisham, Sidney Sheldon, Salman Rushdie, Jane Austen, Rani Manicka, Tan Twan Eng and Sharmini Flint among others as her inspirations.

Being a full-time practising medical doctor in the local general hospital, what motivates her to keep writing? “It is an outlet for my long-suppressed creative energy and fills my days with much joy. It additionally bestows on me the added accolade of being an author. I write to tell a tale less often told from the perspective that is rarely taken,” she shared.

Beyond Deception is available as an e-book (USD6.00) and paperback (USD10.00) on Readers will be able to obtain autographed copies of her books directly from her at RM44.50 per book inclusive of postage or a set of both books at a discounted price of RM78. For more info, email Nirmala at

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