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From Karaoke to Curry

If you feel like a mutton curry or beef rendang meal, and don’t want to go to an Indian or Malay restaurant, then you could try Curry Monster. Former pub and karaoke bar owner Jason Chan, now sells authentic curry meals. Jason used to own Pub Rock Steady and J Box Karaoke. He’s been operating Curry Monster, at the back of Season’s cake shop, for the past couple of months.

For the curry and rice meals, you can choose to have white rice with mutton curry, chicken curry or beef rendang; accompanied with slices of cucumber.

Besides char siew (barbecued pork) and namyee (preserved beancurd) pau, there is pau with curry filling: chicken, beef, mutton and vegetarian. What is unique about these paus are that they are steamed and then pan-fried. While the usual pau have a fairly thick dough, these have a thin skin and the filling is moist but not wet and soggy. The slightly charred exterior gives it a nice aesthetic look and keeps the filling intact.

Another item to try is the spring rolls with the same chicken and mutton curry; freshly fried to maintain its crispiness.

Jason’s curry paste is homemade and his own recipe made from scratch. The curry taste is very much Indian and the rendang authentic with kerisik (toasted grated coconut) and brown sugar added.

Jason says, ‘To get a better taste, always eat curry pau first and char siew pau last.’

Drive by and pick up some paus and popiahs or dine in and have the rice and curry. There is also delivery by SendSent with prevailing charges. Order by phone, through Facebook or the delivery website.


Curry Monster Ipoh

87 Jalan Canning Estate (back portion), Ipoh Garden, 31400 Ipoh.

Tel.: 012 233 6055

Facebook: curry monster ipoh


Business hours: 8am-3pm; Thursday closed

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