Shelter for the Abused

Rumah Singgah Kita (RSK) is a new shelter home in Ipoh which has been in operation since December last year.

According to the founder of the home Wan Nur Ashyikin Noran, her reason for establishing the home was to help the abused, the needy and the troubled.

“It’s a shelter for women and children regardless of race and beliefs. This is my way of repaying the community.

“Prior to this, I turned my own house into a temporary shelter for children. As there was no facility for the adults, I came up with this home,” she told Ipoh Echo when met at the site on in February. The house is located at Jalan Kledang Raya 9, Taman Seri Tahan, Silibin.

The shelter is being aided by several agencies such as Berat Sama Dipikul (BSD), Masjid Abd Rahman Auf (Maaruf), Global Live Centre (GLC), ABIM, Pelitawanis and Kechara Food.

According to Wan, food and basic necessities cost about RM600 a month while utilities (water and electricity) cost another RM1200 a month.

“We welcome donations from well-wishers to augment our charitable efforts.

“Logistics wise, we require additional furniture such as beds, mattresses, chairs and tables for the comfort of residents of the home.

“Besides being a safe shelter, we too provide motivational talks, counselling and religious guidance conducted by volunteers,” she said.

Readers keen on lending a helping hand Wan Nur Ashyikin is reachable at her mobile number: 012 509 2557.

Rosli Mansor

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