Ipohites and the Smoking Ban

The nationwide smoking ban in eateries has been in force since Tuesday, January 1, 2019. We want to gauge how effective the ruling has been insofar as Ipoh is concerned. A couple of our reporters went undercover to see the situation for themselves. Here is their report:

Ipohites, in general, are aware of the government’s ruling and since it is for a good cause most are in favour of its implementation.

The three-metre ruling, although ambiguous, is never challenged as those patronising restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, kopitiams and mamaks did not light up, unknowingly or deliberately. There is a sense of acceptance and of compliance among patrons, which is a welcome sight indeed.

Moreover, the six-month grace period is more than enough to get the most defiant to comply. No compounds will be issued during the six-month educational enforcement period. Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad has given his assurance.

Eateries visited by the duo are Miker Food, Konda Kindi, Pelita and the famous Nasi Vanggey. The operators are generally happy with their customers’ behaviour. “They refrained from smoking,” said Azril Arriandy, the owner of Konda Kondi Cafe.

Rosli Mansor

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