Sickly Child Needs Help

“We accept our fate and persevere despite slim hopes of seeing our baby recover,” said Mohd Salihan, 33, father of one-year-old Nur Jannah Mohd Salihan who suffers from six debilitating illnesses since birth.

Nur Jannah is the third child of Mohd Salihan and his wife, Haniza Mat Rathi, 38, from Malim Nawar. The baby was diagnosed by doctors in General Hospital, Ipoh with six complications, namely punctures in her backbone, no tract for defecation, fluid in the brain, leg length discrepancy, a kidney failure and paralysis from waist to feet.

According to Mohd Salihan, his child underwent surgery to create a tract for defecation in her intestine when she was barely two days old. She had another surgery to remove fluid from her brain.

“Excretion is via a tube. My wife has to stop working to take care of household matters with the help of her mother, Halimatun Saadiah Abd Rani, 71.

“Nur Jannah is being treated at the Kampar Hospital and General Hospital, Ipoh. She’s categorised as a “special case” thus all treatments and surgeries are covered by the hospital.

“However, monthly medical expenses are estimated at over RM400. We’ve to prepare the medical tools, as well. My monthly income is insufficient to cover the daily expenses of my family. Fortunately, the state social welfare department has recently approved a monthly aid of RM350,” he told Ipoh Echo at his house in Kampung Tualang Sekah, Malim Nawar on Saturday, January 19.

“I hope Ipohites would provide us some financial aid to help cover my child’s medical expenses. We’re rather desperate at the moment,” he implored.

Readers wishing to contribute can deposit your money into Haniza’s Maybank account: 158042787944 or visit the couple’s home at Kampung Tualang Sekah, 31700 Malim Nawar to see the situation for yourselves.

Rosli Mansor

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