Special Needs Children get Hearing Tests

Yayasan Sultan Idris Shah (YSIS) together with Best Hearing Aid carried out a partnership event to provide special needs children in school the proper treatment they require. SK Coronation Park was the school where this event took place on January 23 at the school hall. SK Coronation Park has a little over a hundred students enrolled, among the students almost 70 of them enrolled are special needs children.

As the partnership was carried out with Best Hearing Aid, the special needs children who were accompanied by their parents were given a free hearing test, using only the best equipment to carry out the hearing test. The reception of this event by the parents of the special needs children was positive and welcoming.

YSIS CEO Dato’ Dr Ramanathan Ramiah said he was looking forward to collaborating with many more companies to provide the disabled with the proper treatment they deserve.

YSIS has visited 10 schools and carried out free assessments for special needs children.

“We target 10 to 15 schools per year to visit and assess them to see how YSIS can help them for their future as far as therapy is concerned to improve the condition of the children,” said Dato’ Dr Ramanathan.

YSIS’s vision for special needs children is for them to learn to become independent and not be dependant on their siblings and parents because as they grow old, so will their siblings and parents. Soon the parents will be the ones in need of help and the special needs children will be unable to help them if they do not learn to become independent.

The hearing aid programme started when Dato’ Dr Ramanathan joined Yayasan Sultan Idris Shah which was a year and a half ago in June 2017. It is since then that YSIS has embarked on trying to work with various specialists in different fields to help the special needs children, as in speech therapy, physiotherapy, etc.

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