Smoke Detector in Toilets

Installing smoke detectors in public toilets owned by local councils could be one of the mechanisms used to overcome the habit of smokers who love to smoke in toilets.

Deputy Minister of Housing and Local Government, Dato’ Raja Kamarul Bahrin Shah Raja Ahmad Baharuddin Shah said his ministry will find a way to resolve this issue.

“We could instal a smoke detector in toilets because installing closed-circuit cameras in toilets is not allowed. So before doing so, we need to study from an economic standpoint and its effectiveness,” said Kamarul.

“Installing smoke detectors will require a high cost because there is a huge number of toilets that need detectors,” he said.

Kamarul was responding to questions raised by reporters during a media conference held recently. This was following the smoking ban in eateries introduced on January 1, 2019.

An awareness campaign, he said would be proper, as smokers adjust after imposition of the ban.

“We’ll look into the matter and most possibly will collaborate with the Ministry of Health, as it takes time to break the smoking habit,” said Kamarul.

Luqman Hakim

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