Get Up & Walk Again with Alpro Physio!

Alpro Physio by Alpro Pharmacy which specialises in one-to-one tailored physiotherapy treatment is now offering free consultation (first visit) and discounted packages in conjunction with its soft launch in June.

“In Alpro Physio, patients are empowered to regain vitality and mobility through individualized treatment upon differential diagnosis. 1 in 5 people, globally, suffer from chronic pain such as osteoarthritis, back pain or spine problem. We encourage patients to start getting proper diagnosis and treatment to avoid complications and fasten recovery.” Lau Phooi Yee, senior physiotherapist explained to Ipoh Echo

Alpro Physiotherapy was first set up in 2017 in Seremban, Kuantan in 2018 and Ipoh branch is the third outlet. The highly demanded one-to-one manual therapy exercise is reported to be much more effective than electrotherapy. Equally applaudable is the use of MAT (Movement Assessment Tool) to improve assessment. “During the hour-long session, we use our hands to heal our patients. We find out the root cause, not just symptomatic relief alone. Manual therapy exercise encompasses soft tissue manipulation, joint mobilisation, customised exercise prescription and more,” Phooi Yee added.

Stroke recovery is one of the expertise of Alpro Physio. “Our greatest joy is when seeing patient able to regain the capability to enjoy special moments in life. Especially mild stroke, the sooner a patient starts to receive physiotherapy treatment, the higher chance that a patient will be able to walk again in soonest time.” Phooi Yee commented.

Other services include musculoskeletal physio, cardiorespiratory physio, stroke rehab, neurological physio, paediatric physio, sports injury rehab, women’s health and occupational health. Alpro Physio serves patients of all ages.

For appointment, call 019 476 3923 or 05 541 2133. Readers can swing by its Facebook page by the same name or its website: Operates from 9am till 7pm daily except on public holidays, Alpro Physio is located at 2 & 4, Jalan Medan Ipoh 1E, Medan Ipoh Bistari, 31400 Ipoh.

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