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The 3K (Kebersihan, Kesihatan and Keselamatan) programme was launched by Deputy Education Minister II, P. Kamalanathan on May 22, 2015, with the aim of increasing awareness among school students with regards to issues related to school safety, health and cleanliness. The 3K programme is not only aimed to succeed in enhancing the beauty of the school but also to foster closer relationships between the school, the Parents and Teacher Association as well as the local community. In conjunction with the programme, SMK Raja Perempuan (RPS) has taken all the positive measures to adhere to the programme.

RPS, the sole representative from Perak, walked away as champion of the national-level programme “Amalan Perkhidmatan Kantin Terbaik 2019”.

A lot of changes had been done to upgrade the school canteen to portray that RPS is unique. Even the name “Kantin RPS’ has been rebranded as “Anjung Selera Puteri RPS.” They hope that their school canteen is set as a benchmark for school canteens.

The canteen was transformed into a nature-oriented landscape filled with flora and fauna. This conducive canteen environment has also made room for plenty of activities. One such activity is the Speakers’ Corner. This is a medium for students to have a sharing session while enjoying their meals. At times, Anjung Selera Puteri RPS is also used as an outdoor classroom.

Conservation of water and electricity is at the top of their priority list. In conjunction with the Go Green concept, RPS has totally stopped using plastics and polystyrene since 2015 and they have cut out the usage of straws in 2019.

The school administration has a very good bilateral relationship with the canteen traders and staff to ensure that the canteen plays a vital role in the healthy growth of the students and staff. They can now boast that the RPS community is fit physically, mentally and emotionally. As a result, Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh has awarded Anjung Selera Puteri RPS a grade “A” for the management and cleanliness of the canteen in 2019.

Access their website to follow the progress and achievement of the school canteen. Suggestions and ideas or contributions by the public towards the betterment of Anjung Selera Puteri RPS is always appreciated.

RPS had also come out champions in the Toyota Eco Youth Challenge in 2017 and the state-level 3K competition in 2018. In January, RPS was also awarded a 5-star rating for the “Public Toilet Star Rating” in the Upper Secondary School category in the national-level “Pertandingan Tandas Terbersih 2018”.

Congratulations RPS, on all your achievements!

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