Letter: The Milo Man

With reference to the article “Here comes the Milo Man” (Ipoh Echo issue 305, Jun 1-15, 2019), I hereby would like to share some information about the Milo Man. There were two brothers who worked for the Milo company by the name of Visvasam and Yesudian. The older brother was Visvasam and the younger was Yesudian. Both brothers worked for the Milo company back in the 1950s and 1960s.

They came from India (Tirunelveli district) and they were working for the Milo company in the late 50s. Yesudian who took over his elder brother’s position from the Milo company was looking for a place to stay.

My grandfather who was a close friend of Visvasam offered Yesudian a room for rental at his house. They used to wear fully white uniforms and green caps. Plus, they sold Milo in small paper cups in New Town. In the 1970s they left to return to their motherland India and passed away in the 1980s.

Harrish Aswin Kumar

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