Go Loco at Polo

By Afiqah Rafael

Despite its rather quirky name, Loca-Loca has a dedicated following. Don’t be misled by its name. Loca-Loca is simply aerobics with a twist.  It’s the brainchild of a one-time national fitness instructor whose lifetime mission today is to keep everyone, regardless of age, hale and hearty via aerobics.

Nani Rayahu has been conducting her aerobics class since December last year at the iconic Polo Ground. Her students range in age between 40 and 70. Rahayu’s class is almost free, as participants donate in kind to keep her going.

One gets to see Rahayu and her enthusiastic following almost every morning beginning at 7.45am. The eager congregation will begin its exercise routine once the music starts. It is a joy to watch them moving in unison with the music.

Teacher Jayanthi, 56, from Lim Garden has been an ardent Loca-Loca fan. She attested to its effectiveness claiming she had lost 6kg so far.

“I’ve nothing but praise for Rahayu. She knows her stuff. Many are hooked by her approach and techniques,” she told Ipoh Echo when asked. “Her cheerful persona is what that attracts me.”

With an average of 90 participants, Loca-Loca is fast becoming an attraction or perhaps the trend in Ipoh, especially with the morning crowd at Polo Ground.

If you feel the need to rid yourself of the excess fat around your waist, come and join Rahayu and her team.

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