Letter: One-hour Wait for Shuttle Van

Whenever I go to the GH (Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun) for my eye check-up, I park my car at the stadium and take the shuttle van. The van follows the schedule.

However on July 8, when I had to go for a check-up, I decided to park my car at Greentown Clinic car park and take the shuttle van from there since it is nearer to my house. I arrived at the car park at 8.15am and within a few minutes, the van arrived.

I completed my check-up at 10.45am and waited for the bus. There was no sign of the van coming and when I asked the security man; he said the van will come. The van finally arrived at 11.45am with the same driver who drove in the early morning. The van is scheduled to come every half an hour. It should have come at 11am. During this period there were four trips from the stadium. I thought of walking to the Greentown Clinic, but it was too hot.

When I spoke to another person waiting for the van, he said that he also parked at Greentown Clinic for the first time. We learnt a good lesson.

Whoever is in charge of this service, should get an explanation from the driver for the delay and he must be given a warning letter. The administration should ensure that the vans run as per schedule.

A. Jeyaraj

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