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By Mei Kuan

The soft launch of the Phoenix Initiative by Nomad Adventure at Earth Camp, Gopeng, saw the unveiling of a revolutionary green waste disposal machine that uses pyrolysis to turn plastic, paper, organic waste and household rubbish into ash which can be used as fertilizer or made into bricks and pavers.

Residents making use of the Eco-Waste Asher

Held on Saturday, July 13, the machine named Eco-Waste Asher was invented in Malaysia and Nomad’s unit is the third installation in Peninsular Malaysia. Generating its own power via solar panels, this remarkable technology is self-sustainable with no external energy needed and complies fully to international EPA standards.

The initiative was established to deal with the rubbish problem of the villagers around Gopeng where Nomad Adventure has been operating since 2003, with an aim towards creating the first “Zero Waste Kampung” in Malaysia right here in Gopeng.

According to Chan Yuen-Li, Founder & Director of Nomad Adventure, the Eco Waste Asher would be used to definitively deal with the household waste for its camp and the surrounding villages. It would also be the focus for the environmental education programmes that Nomad Adventure is already running. With the help and sponsorship of partners, it aims to clear up some illegal dumpsites around the area.

“One of the main pressing issues is that there is no rubbish collection in rural areas, it is different from us city folks. The conventional way of dealing with rubbish is to either to put in a landfill or burn it. The amazing thing about Asher is it doesn’t use any power at all to treat the rubbish. It uses pyrolysis which is basically heat without oxygen created by a magnetic process. It has a capacity of processing two tons of rubbish in 24 hours,” the Ipoh girl explained.

To start with, Nomad Adventure would go out to collect the rubbish from villages and educate the villagers along the way in the hope of encouraging residents to get used to the sustainable habit. With an estimated investment of RM350,000, the machine is for use by the public.

“I am dedicating the machine to my mother, Ong Su-ming who is celebrating her 80th birthday this year. The whole environmental initiative is in her honour as she has been my role model in community activism,” she added.

(L-R) Pang, Roland, Su-ming and Yuen-Li

Present were 73-year-old Roland C.S. Tee, inventor of Eco-Waste Asher; Abdul Wahab, Chulik Village Head; Professor Dr Ahmad Ismail, President of Malaysian Nature Society, Jamie Loh, CEO of Children’s Environmental Heritage Foundation and Pang Swee Lei, Executive Director of Pamarai Sdn Bhd. The official launch will be held in September.

Established since 1994, Nomad Adventure is a team of professional people who are in the business of providing extraordinary adventure experiences with an international clientele. With many first ascents to her name and setting up the first climbing gym in the country, Yuen-Li was responsible for introducing thousands of Malaysians to the sport of rock climbing. As an enthusiastic kayaker, she also made the first descent of a number of whitewater rivers, including Kampar River. In 1998, Yuen-Li captained Toyota Team 2020 in the world’s toughest race, the Eco Challenge in Morocco and became the first Asian team to complete the race.

To find out more, visit or call 03 7958 5152.

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