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Nosh News; Drinks at 50 Sen

By Afiqah Rafael

From a tricycle to a permanent stall, Kedah-born Ibrahim has been selling fresh fruit juices for only 50 sen a glass. Kedah-born Ibrahim, who moved to Ulu Kinta with his cousin in the early 1970s, has been selling fresh juice and fruits for a living ever since.

Ibrahim and his wife, Hasnah, set up a stall in front of the Teacher Training Institute, Ulu Kinta in 1983 and have been there ever since.

Among the juices available are watermelon, chrysanthemum, sour plum (asam boi), amberella (kedondong) and pennywort (pegaga).

The most popular drinks are pegaga and asam boi. People are fond of pegaga juice for its health benefits, mainly for treating skin conditions, said Hasnah.

“We initially sold the juices at 30 sen a glass and then increased it to 50 sen. It’s remained at 50 sen since,” Hasnah added.

When asked why they have not raised the price to be on par with other stalls, she replied, “Because he (Ibrahim) buys the fruits in bulk. We get a good discount.”

Besides fresh juices, they also sell cendol (dessert) and fresh fruits such as mango, dragon fruit, pomelo, watermelon and papaya. Hashim, 46, from Tambun said, “I love their cendol pulut, it’s the best I’ve tasted here.”

The stall is often patronised by policemen, motorcyclists and students. Their business is thriving, especially during weekends and public holidays. The drinks and fruits are usually sold out by 5pm.

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