Adrenaline-filled Thrills

By Tan Mei Kuan

It was a two-day of adrenaline-filled thrills for 21 Perakean media practitioners from 11 agencies as they completed various team-building challenges at the Lost World Adventure Park which featured the first glamping experience inside a theme park nestled in limestone hills under the starry sky.

Held from September 18 to 19, the Perak Media Fun Day was organised by the Perak Media Sport and Welfare Club.

“Termed ‘glamping’ (glamorous camping), we provide traditional tents with four hotel beds inside each as a form of accommodation. With various packages for additional activities, it is situated right by the pristine Boga Lake. Imagine this experience where you live in a theme park with access to the entire facilities in the park with breakfast included,” Brian S. Francis, Director of Operations, Sunway Lost World of Tambun explained.

“Utmost gratitude to Sunway Lost World of Tambun for collaborating with the club to organise the Perak Media Fun Day with sports element. This gives us a chance to destress and experience the recreational cum team building activities first hand. It also builds team spirit,” Rosli Mansor, President of Perak Media Sport and Welfare Club shared.

The lively affair kicked off with a 630-step trail up Gua Datok, also known as the Picasso Cave for its beautiful granite walls that resemble the abstract paintings of the famous painter, Pablo Picasso.

After a sumptuous dinner spread of barbecue by the camp, the group was awestruck by a merry band of fire eaters, jugglers and percussionists performing a medley of beats, dance and fiery entertainment.

The second day saw the energetic team exploring the 6th Mile Tunnel, a pitch-black cave that challenged all their senses with mud that went up to the knees and trying out the Via Feratta (Italian for “Iron Road”), a protected mountainside climbing route followed by an abseil down.

“This is my first time joining the club’s programme and it really strengthens the bond among media practitioners. It also promotes teamwork which is important in our line of work,” Mohd Aznizam Azahar from Chor TV enthused, citing glamping in nature as his favourite.

“To date, we have a total of 87 family-friendly attractions with more to come. One of it is our upcoming Malayana Rain Fortress, a water park, expected to be completed in three months. It is a two-level pool for all ages with slides. We are also incorporating a tunnel together with our Adventure River. We also have the night hot springs which attracts a large crowd locally and internationally, an attraction that is unique to us and Perak,” the amiable Brian added.

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