NAI and The Cat’s Meow

By Chris Teh

The “Kucing Kampung” Cats Competition was held at Tesco Extra, Bercham recently.

Organised by Noah’s Ark Ipoh (NAI), an animal-welfare organisation prioritising stray animals reduction, the competition is the first of its kind to be held in town.

“Through this competition, we would like to promote pet adoption and responsible pet ownership by giving proper nutrition, care and neutering, which could prevent animals from roaming the streets in the future,” said Peggy Vong, current president of Noah’s Ark.

As the competition name suggests, several owners with local feline breeds participated in showing off their cats.
“The four categories to the competition are ‘Best Dressed’, ‘Most Photogenic’, ‘Owner-Pet Look Alike’ and ‘Natural Beauty’,” she stated.

By cats and owners’ name, Nu Nu and Fong Mee Lee won ‘Best Dressed’ and ‘Owner-Pet Look Alike’ categories while Bumblebee and Faizal Yusup the ‘Most Photogenic’, with ‘Natural Beauty’ reaped by Osman and Norashikin binti Roshid.

One of the contests included guessing the weight of Shelly the Cat and a chance of winning a one-night stay at Park Royal Hotel Luxurious 2-Bedroom Suite in Kuala Lumpur.

“Thankfully, everyone had a fun-filled day admiring the local cats on display,” Peggy expressed. “We hope that Noah’s Ark Ipoh will be able to promote local feline breeds as pets through more competitions in the future.”

“In line with the Animal Welfare Act 2015, we would also like the public to know that animal abuse and cruelty will not be tolerated,” she added. “If anyone sees violence against these lovely creatures, please report to the authorities or Noah’s Ark Ipoh.”

For more information on their activities, go to their Facebook page at Competition videos may be viewed on their YouTube channel.

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