A Dedicated Dementia Centre

By Chris Teh

In view of Perak being an ageing state, a dedicated centre for dementia treatment could not have come at a better time.

With the objective of increasing public awareness about dementia, its causes and providing support to caregivers, the Dementia Society Perak launched BebeLEC Day Centre currently located at Jalan Lang, Ipoh. The centre can accommodate up to 40 patients.

In his welcoming speech, Executive Councillor Howard Lee Chuan How, conveyed his gratitude to the society, “With the availability of this centre, dementia patients could be accorded better care, thus lifting the burden off their relatives”.

“The state government has allocated RM10,000 to assist with the centre’s daily operations,” he added. 

“If there is a crisis, there is somewhere to turn to for assistance. Despite dementia being an untreatable disease, with the right kind of care, we can prevent patients from feeling that they’re a burden to everyone around them,” Howard said, disclosing the fact that his late maternal grandfather suffered from dementia too.

“Even though I was still young back then, I felt the burden and the heartbreak the condition brought to our family,” he recalled.

BebeLEC Day Centre is located at 56 Jalan Lang, 30100 Ipoh.

For more information and updates, go to their website at

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