Inspirational Ladies

By Mei Kuan

Perak Women for Women Society (PWW) gathered inspirational women working in the B40 category via an empowerment session brimming with motivational tips and positive vibes.

Held recently at Syeun Hotel, over 40 ladies were invited to share their experience on how they support their families with their jobs and manage their financial situation.

Angeline Philip, 60, who sells fritters shared, “In 1981, my work as a labourer ended due to retrenchment. Thus in 1982, I started my business selling various fritters at only RM0.10 per piece by the roadside with a three-wheel bicycle along Jalan Tun Perak (Connolly Road). I got my recipe from my late mother. My daily income was only RM18 and below. However, I never gave up and continued the business until today at the same location. With my income, I made my business permanent.”

“Nowadays, if you find it difficult to look for work, you can try to do some small businesses. At least do something instead of staying jobless!” she advised.

Meanwhile, Rohana Hamzah, 52, and Nor Azzah Jaafar Halmi, 30, work as parking attendants, the former stationed in Batu Gajah while the latter in Ipoh.

“Before working as a parking attendant, I worked as an operator in a few factories. As a parking attendant, one has to have plenty of patience, especially when handling fussy customers with a temper whom we encounter daily. We have to carry out our duty,” Rohana explained.

Here’s Nor Azzah’s advice: “First and foremost, do not be choosy about jobs.”

Sumathi Sivamany, President of PWW added, “Our PWW Shop is where we help single mothers and underprivileged ladies. Whatever proceeds we had, we want to share it with these ladies. Thus we are having this event for the first time which also serves as a platform for networking”.

“I always feel, when it comes to accolades and acknowledgement, it’s always someone with education-linked success being recognised. However, these ladies are heroes in their own ways. They contribute to the economy. At a time where we need two incomes in a family, they are actively contributing. They are all proud to do what they are doing and are financially independent,” she enthused.

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