Celebrating Centenarian

By Mei Kuan

It was double the joy as the Home for the Aged (CWS) Simee celebrated the birthday of its two oldest residents namely 102-year-old Kuan Lek (pic) and 97-year-old Mary Chin Swee Yoon on Saturday, December 28.

Kuan Lek, formerly a Tai Chi Master hailing from Ipoh, shared his longevity tips, “I exercise daily when I wake up in the morning for about half an hour. As for my diet, I do not avoid any food in particular and I consume my rice as usual.”

“I’m happy staying here as I eat well and have enough to wear. I just wish for continuous good health in the new year,” he added.

At present, the home is supporting 44 residents from 63 to 102 years old, two of whom have been there for 20 years.

The home depends entirely on public donations for its running expenses. Since 2018, the operating expenses have exceeded the total cash donations received and the home has had to utilise the reserve fund for its operating expenditure.

In view of the depleting reserve fund, the home will be holding two fundraising events: Family Day Food Fair on April 26 and a charity dinner by the end of 2020.

“The monthly expenditure of the home is RM35,000 approximately. The targeted amount to be raised from both fundraising events is RM500,000 and we hope members of the public will support the cause,” Vincent Lee, Chairman of the Board of Management for Home for the Aged (CWS) Simee stated.

The home is a non-profit organisation registered with the Welfare Department to provide shelter for the homeless and abandoned elderly. The home also welcomes volunteers and donations in the form of dry grocery and daily essentials such as detergent and rice.

Readers who would like to lend a helping hand can contact the home at 05 547 3252 or visit its website:

Located along Jalan Kompleks Sukan, the home is open from 8.30am to 5.30pm daily.

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