Developing Pasir Salak

By Rosli Mansor

Known as the birthplace of nationalism by the Malays against British colonialism in 1875, Pasir Salak, despite its rich historical heritage, is fast becoming abandoned and forgotten.

Realising the importance of preserving history, Zamari Muhyi, Chairman of Perak State Bumiputera Tourism Entrepreneurs Association felt that the time has come to restore Pasir Salak’s past and its significance to Perak’s history. It is related to tourism as well.

“We successfully launched the new Pasir Salak Tourism logo today,” Zamari said. “This will benefit the community-based tourism activities in Pasir Salak, besides improving the state tourism sector.”

“We’d like to develop Pasir Salak as one of the 10 tourism clusters in Perak,” he added. “It’d be such a waste if today’s generation isn’t exposed to the rebellious spirit of the Malays back then.”

The launching ceremony was officiated by Dato’ Zainol Fadzi, adviser to the Menteri Besar on Tuesday, December 31, 2019, at Mukim Bandar, Kampung Gajah in Pasir Salak.

“Efforts by the association has spurred tourism within Pasir Salak,” he said. “ would be well-received if we promote local products our entrepreneurs have to offer. It’ll surely boost the local economy.”


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