Dr Little Super Safety Heroes

By Rosli Mansor

Over 100 kids aged five to seven years old participated in the Dr Little Super Saf

ety Heroes programme organised by Pantai Hospital Ipoh recently. They were given some basic medical lessons about becoming a doctor.

Senior Operations Manager of Pantai Hospital Loo Heng Hoe stated, “As a motivation to children who may lean towards the medical field, this programme provides an opportunity to experience being a doctor”.

“It exposes the children to the risks of their surroundings as well as measures to avoid accidents. They were arranged in groups and were shown ways to solve problems, using the latest medical methods,” he stated.

Meanwhile, to make use of the time of parents who were waiting for their children, they were given an opportunity to attend a health talk by Dr Chuah Joo Ngor.

Children who became members of Dr Little Club will be given discounts on accommodation, medicine, dental treatment and many more if they should ever need it.


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