Special Packages for Students

By Rosli Mansor

Tourism Malaysia is making every effort to promote tourism products to attract more visitors to the country in view of the ongoing Visit Malaysia 2020 (VM 2020).

Divisional Director, Syed Yahya Syed Othman, said tourism packages are becoming popular with both locals and foreigners as they provide better options to see the country.

“Such packages are popular because they’re not only attractive but convenient,” he told reporters after launching the Taiping Zoo and Night Safari’s Education Package on Saturday, January 11.

“Our objective is to achieve the target of 30 million foreign tourists in order to generate a revenue of RM100 billion in conjunction with VM 2020,” Syed Yahya added. “The Education Package is an initiative to encourage domestic tourism besides ensuring its growth.”

“Taiping has a total of 33 tourism products, in all. The zoo has what it takes to attract European tourists and those from the ASEAN region namely Singapore and Thailand,” he remarked.

Director of Taiping Zoo and Night Safari, Dr Kevin Lazarus said that the zoo has prepared seven packages for children and adults to enjoy the 34-hectare zoo which is home to 1200 animals.

“Five are exclusively for students of 14 years of age. They’re encouraged to do voluntary works in cleaning up the zoo so they can be closer to the animals,” he said. “These packages are priced as low as RM25 per student.”


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