A Despicable Act

By Gisele Soo

Ipoh City Council needs to take stern action on those responsible for the recent poisoning of strays at Jalan Lahat Bistari.

Presently, feral cats and dogs caught by the Council are “disposed” at the city’s landfill in Papan. This remedial action is ineffective as the strays would move out of the dumpsite to look for a food source. In the process, many are run over by cars on the road.

The lackadaisical attitude of the Council is a cause for concern to Ipohites and animal lovers.

According to Dr Ranjit of Noah’s Ark, a better way to resolve the problem is for the Council and responsible parties to designate an area for strays. “Noah’s Ark can’t simply occupy an empty lot and fence it up as it has an owner,” she exclaimed

“This is not the first time, as it has happened before in Jelapang and Buntong,” she lamented.

When asked on possible ways to tackle the problem. The Council, she replied, should encourage pet owners to neuter their pets in order to reduce population growth. Dr Ranjit and her team have conducted numerous campaigns and talks regarding the importance of neutering pets.

In a collaborative effort, Noah’s Ark and some animal welfare groups have organised programmes aimed at instilling awareness in the public regarding animal cruelty and how to treat strays.

Those who abuse animals should be punished according to the law. The poisoning of strays is a despicable act committed by people who are either desperate or have no other recourse but to kill. Remember, animals are God’s children too.

Feeding strays is not an offence but it has to be done responsibly. There is an old couple in Taman Cempaka who never fail to feed both cats and dogs in the housing estate but they do so at a designated spot and time, not at their whims.

Some of the better-known animal welfare groups in Ipoh are Noah’s Ark, ISPCA, Mutts and Mittens as well as Ipoh Animal Welfare Society.

These welfare groups need funding for their day-to-day activity and Noah’s Ark is no exception. Assistance is welcome in all forms.

Readers wishing to donate can visit Noah’s Ark website at You may also call 017 575 1556 or 019 556 8292 to enquire.

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