Yik Foong Shopping Complex

By Gisele Soo

Looking for some affordable IT products? Ipoh’s iconic Yik Foong Shopping Complex comes to mind.

“The wide choice of relatively cheap electronic gadgets makes it the number one choice,” said office worker, Jessie, 24. “I seldom shop at other computer stores as I know things are much cheaper here,” she added.

The complex offers a vast array of goods and services such as electrical goods, mobile gadgets, money changing, goldsmiths, tailoring, optical outlets and hair salons.

The complex’s popular food court at the basement is well-liked by both locals and foreigners, especially Indonesians. Bakso, Indonesian meatball soup and nasi ayam penyet, Indonesian fried chicken are some of the more popular dishes available.

“I like bakso, it’s my all-time favourite,” said Anis, a student from Cosmopoint College Ipoh.

Tired of the same outfits? Time to get yourself some well-tailored clothes.

However, many Ipohites are not very fond of visiting the complex as they have the common misconception that cheap goods mean poor quality.

The Chairman of Yik Foong Complex Management and Corporation, Khor Pheng Hwa, stated that the building has a rich history. Initially known as Weng Lok Lam Club in 1915, it was later changed to Yik Foong Shopping Complex in the early 1980s.

The seven-storey building was occupied by tenants from various backgrounds and managing different businesses. But over the last few decades, a number of vendors have moved as the complex is no longer attractive to the business community. The mushrooming of new and more glitzy shopping malls and arcades is the primary reason. Moreover, accessing the complex is not easy.

Pheng Hwa reckons that many Ipohites view Yik Foong as a Plaza Low Yat equivalent as the products are cheap and their authenticity is in doubt.

The management, according to Pheng Hwa, plans to refurbish the entire building. “Hopefully, Yik Foong will once again regain its former glory and the crowd will return once more,” he remarked.

Yik Foong operates daily from 10am to 9pm.


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