QIU Celebrates Valentine’s with a twist

First of its kind, Quest International University (QIU) has put together a meaningful Valentine’s high-tea party to celebrate with senior citizens.

Held on Saturday, February 22 the students of QIU and more than 40 senior citizens from Activity Center for Older Persons (PAWE) gathered at the Student Centre to celebrate the event.

According to QIU Student Affairs Department Director Associate Professor Dr Gurdip Kaur, the event was organised by 16 of the university’s student clubs and societies.

“Love does not just involve intimate partners, but it is for everyone. Therefore, in order to appreciate the senior citizens and at the same time do some charity, we have organised such an event. Besides that, our students will also be able to get the right amount of exposure in doing charity as well as their responsibilities to the community.”

“As you can see, most of our students are experiencing such events for the first time. By hosting more of such in the future, students will learn to be better individuals. Hence, the whole aim of the event was to ensure that students will develop a close relationship with the senior citizens,” said Dr Gurdip. 

During the interview, Dr Gurdip also added that the entire event was on a voluntary basis and the funds were all contributed by the students.

“Each club held small fund-raising bazaar’s selling various items and the revenue garnered from the sales were directly contributed to this event. Even the gifts for the gift exchange were contributed by the students of QIU,” she told Ipoh Echo.

Teh Wei See, 68, a member from PAWE stated that she feels extremely happy to meet and get together with the students.

“Today is one of the happiest days of my life. To celebrate Valentine’s with people of various races makes my heart scream with joy and I enjoy the ambience. From the food served to the activities organised, everything is perfect,” she said.

When asked Sam Ming Hui, 21, a student from Quest International University about his thoughts on the event, he said, “ the general message we would like to convey via this event is to teach the public to respect the older generation and to love them”. 

The two-hour event ended with a makeover session followed by an open dance floor session for all the guests including the students and staff of QIU. 

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