A Career Cut Short

His career came to an unexpected end when Nooreman Noor Faadi, 38, from Kampung Kepayang, Simpang Pulai, was diagnosed with fourth-stage lung cancer in November 2018.
Better known as “Manjafoto” among his peers, Nooreman has been in the photography line for over 13 years along with his wife, Katija Abd Wahid, 39.
“For over a year I’ve been fighting using available medical methods, but the condition is getting worse,” he said when met during the Manja Cha

rity Outing in Ipoh on February 29. “I’m forced to undergo six chemotherapy treatments.
“It’s my second treatment now,” Nooreman noted. “There are some improvements but I’m no longer as active as before.”
According to Katija, monthly expenses for medicines and additional foods has now reached approximately RM2000.
“Although the hospital treatments are insurance-borne, the total amount has exceeded maximum support and is now renewed for the second time,” she added. “Our income is only enough for the family. At times, I reach a dead-end trying to figure out ways to pay the costs of my husband’s medical treatment.”
“If Nooreman has some energy left for the day, he’ll only do editing work. He is no longer in condition to go down to the field,” Katija expressed. “The workers at Manjafoto are in charge of our photography work.”
Readers keen to help the couple can deposit your contribution into Nooreman’s Maybank account: 1580 1504 3173.
Zamari Muhyi, Chairman of Perak State Bumiputera Tourism Entrepreneurs Association, said that the Manja Charity Outing was a fundraising event for Nooreman’s cancer treatment.
“Some 69 photographers from Perak, Kedah and Kuala Lumpur took part in the event,” he stated. “We’ve successfully raised RM3107 in donations.”
The street photo-themed competition was won by Muhammad Nur Hafizh Osman, 27, from Kuala Lumpur. He won an RM150 cash award. Mohd Faizal Bakar, 36, also from Kuala Lumpur and Nur Hamanina Hanum Rusli, 26, from Kedah, came in second and third respectively. They took home RM100 and RM50 each.

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