Web Seminar: ‘Boost Your Health To Combat Covid-19’ (27 Mar 2020)

  • Web Seminar by Pantai Hospital Ipoh (‘PHI’) on March 27, 2020, at 11am to educate on how to boost one’s health to combat COVID-19;

  • The key speaker during the Web Seminar is Dr Mohd Syahizul, PHI’s Infectious Disease Outbreak Chairman;

  • The target audience for the Web Seminar is a group of a few hundred insurance agents from the Nothern Region and for the general public who can log in through Facebook Live; ss such this double broadcasting will benefit the community at large;
  • The Web Seminar will be web-launched by YB Jenny Choy, YB Howard Lee and YB Wong Kah Woh, the people’s representatives for Ipoh Timur.

Ipoh, Perak

As PHI strongly believes that learning has no boundaries and despite the Movement Control Order (prohibiting public gatherings), PHI is innovatively reaching out to educate a few hundred insurance agents and the public in general on how to boost health to combat Covid -19 by conducting a Web Seminar;

Zul is the only Medical Oncologist in Perak and he has helped numerous patients build their immune system to fight cancer.  As the public has seen and heard various health tips to build immunity from multiple social media whose credibility can be questioned, Dr Zul’s professional standpoint on this matter will be a trusted source.  

  • We invite the press to participate in the Web through Facebook Live at on 27/3/2020 Friday at 11 am.

  • PHI is committed to serving the community to combat the COVID-19 infection and strongly believes that via the mode of a Web Seminar during this time, more people can learn of ways to improve their immunity to fight the virus.

For more information, please contact:

Name:                     Danielle Liang
Designation:           Acting Head, Sales & Marketing
Mobile no.              012 521 8160

Name:                     Harith Idris
Designation:           Assistant Manager, Sales & Marketing
Mobile no.              012 521 8956


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