AGECOPE Offers Support to All Aged Care Operators in COVID-19 Pandemic

Press Release: Association for Residential Aged Care Operators of Malaysia (AGECOPE), dated April 8

On March 16, the Prime Minister of Malaysia officially announced that Malaysia would be under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 effective March 18. This was later extended till April 14 and this period is likely to be extended subject to review. Aged care operators fell under essential services and thus will continue to operate during this period.

This unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic is catastrophic and the elderly are identified to be more at risk of both contracting the virus and then succumb to the illness with a higher morbidity rate due to co-morbidity problems. In light of this, AGECOPE together with the task force from the ministry had constructed helpful guidelines and recommends for this to be adopted.

This guideline is provided to assist aged care service providers by offering best informed practice information for the prevention and management of COVID-19 outbreak in the aged care centres/homes in Malaysia.

One of the guidelines we initiated promptly was No Visitors Allowed to the centre unless for emergency situations such as on compassionate grounds for end of life care under strict protocol. The guidelines also included proper hygiene management, infection control, staff management and management of suspected cases under standard precautions.

Members of AGECOPE have access to these guidelines and with that also a support group should any of their members face situations that are challenging. However, non-members are unable to have such access to this essential information, networking and support.

Therefore, AGECOPE would like to offer its services to all aged care operators in Malaysia in this regard to ensure maximum support is offered to the elderly of this nation. They can contact us should they require any advice, information or support as well as resources.

The officers and respective handphone numbers are :

1) Delren Douglas (President) : 012-2325458
2) Cecilia Chan (Vice President) : 013-4384388
3) Fong Muntoh (Secretary) : 016-2085369

Let us work together to fight this pandemic.

Delren Douglas
President, AGECOPE

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