Who’s in the Club Today? – Pui Soon (Episode 11)

The Hakka Miners’ Club has existed for 137 years, and during that period has seen many changes. Pui Soon is one of the later members from the 1980s. He is dressed very formally as he has just come back from the Palace, where the Sultan has honoured him with an award for his service to the community. He never was a miner, but for a while worked in his father’s mining office and, being wealthy, was able to join the Club.

Now he is relaxing at the Mahjong table. He very much enjoys the Club and its facilities, but has only heard stories of dancing girls for there have not been any in his time.

One story that has been passed down is of a Japanese girl, almost a child, who was very popular with the members. They called her Aki but as the story goes, she met with a terrible death. He has heard the story so often he feels he knows her very well.

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