Who’s in the Club Today? Episode 20 – A Surprise at the end of the Day

It has been a long day and you have met many of the characters in Han Chin Pet Soo who are patiently waiting for you to visit them. The tin mining coolies are there too in their never ending task of working the earth in their quest for that shiny black gold.

And so, as the day draws to a close and dusk becomes dark, it is time to leave the museum and make for home.

But wait a moment! Something is happening; there is movement in the shadows of the ground floor. Yes, it is Sakura away from her normal station in the gambling room. But this is Sakura, the popular entertainer, as only some of the Towkays see her. Ong’s special fantasy girl’s hair is in a mess and she seems to have mislaid her Kimono, but her money purse still hangs around her neck. No doubt you can guess what she has been up to!

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