Who’s in the Club Today? – Ming Ming (Episode 19)

Every mine had licensed Dulang Washers to catch the tin ore that had escaped from the Palong. One of the HCPS women is on her way home. However, she managed to spend a couple of hours after work panning in the Kinta River, close by the British Residence. It was always a good spot for her. Now she is taking the fruit of her private labours to Lean Sin Tin Shop in town to exchange for cash.

Her given name is Meng but everyone calls her Ming Ming. She is wearing the traditional attire of all washers: Coolie hat, red scarf, loose blue Sam Foo top, with extended sleeves, and black pants. An expert at tying the red scarf on her head, it is rare that you can see her face.

With two children at home, the extra cash will put something special on the table for them, and put a smile on their faces, tonight.

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