Letter: Celebrating Ramadan During MCO

The Malaysian Health Coalition (MHC) wishes all Malaysians a peaceful and happy celebration during the holy month of Ramadan.

We acknowledge that our Muslim brothers and sisters are expected to make greater than usual sacrifices this fasting month, especially during the movement control order (MCO). However, this does not diminish the spirit of Ramadan. The virtues which are encouraged during this holy month—such as charity, helping those in need, and minimising waste—are more important now than ever.

We offer some suggestions to help Malaysians celebrate Ramadan in these extraordinary times:

  1. Maintain Physical Distancing
    Although it may be difficult, Malaysians must maintain physical distancing. We may not have Ramadan bazaars or tarawih prayers at the mosque, but alternative arrangements at home will remain meaningful. We can protect our family and community, especially the elderly, by reducing our physical contact with them. This is an act of love and sacrifice.
  2. Strengthen Your Community
    We understand that celebrating Ramadan under MCO while separated from loved ones may be mentally and emotionally difficult for some. We encourage local and religious leaders such as imams and ketua kampung to guide and support their communities using telecommunications and digital platforms during this period. This time can still be used to reflect, improve, share, and care for one another from a healthy distance, which can ease any feelings of isolation or loneliness.
  3. Care for Others
    The spirit of Ramadan is charity, love and care for our brothers and sisters. While some things may be different under the MCO, our niat or intentions to fulfil that spirit remain the same. We can celebrate the spirit of Ramadan by actively caring for our neighbours in our community, for example by donating food or money so no one goes hungry, or by spending time on phone or video calls with lonely neighbours.

We hope these suggestions will help the Rakyat adapt to Ramadan this year, and we believe that the spirit of Ramadan can co-exist with the MCO.

The MHC wishes all Muslims and all Malaysians a blessed Ramadan. 




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