QIU Helps Kindergartens Embrace Online Education

Quest International University (QIU) has launched a new online training programme designed to help early childhood education providers transfer their education services online. 

Conducted by QIU’s expert educators, the programme is offered to kindergartens around the country who are looking to deliver their classes via video-conferencing software. The initiative is designed to help early childhood educators and kindergarten operators who could be facing challenging times during the MCO. 

“The major challenge is translating their knowledge and pedagogy online. At the moment, face-to-face learning is not an option, so they have to improvise to bridge the gap between the traditional way and online learning,” said Quest International University Chief Operating Officer Nicholas Goh.

“We are here to help them bridge this gap. Once they are able to deliver their education efficiently and effectively online, they will be able to justify the collection of their usual fees and hopefully overcome any challenges they might face during this period.”

To solve this problem, QIU’s training covers the various tools that are relevant to online education and the pedagogy of transferring face-to-face learning to an online mode.

At the same time, the teachers will be guided to use the most popular platforms to make sure that their lessons are delivered effectively. These aspects are vital, and QIU’s computing and education experts will be the ones sharing their knowledge.

The classes are open to all kindergarten teachers and administrative staff, and will be taught by some of the university’s top educators.

Goh said QIU hoped to offer this service to as many kindergartens as possible. “As an institute of higher learning, we have a duty to educate people. We hope that these training sessions will help kindergartens to maintain their educational standards and maintain their revenue streams. This, in turn, could mitigate possible job losses,” he said.

“At the same time, it will also ensure that their students remain on track, instead of missing out on quality education during their formative years. This will be extremely important to their development.”

“These same skills will also be invaluable to early childhood educators during the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where more sectors will be transferring their services online.”

For more information, contact Danny at 012-202 1180 or email 

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