Adhere to SOPs After MCO

The state government and Perak Tourism Association (PPNP) are arranging SOPs and guidelines given by the Ministry of Health in ensuring a smooth sailing for all sectors in handling the COVID-19 crisis after the expiration of MCO.

When contacted, PPNP president, Dato’ Mohammad Odzman Abdul Kadir said that with cooperation from all sectors, the government’s step in prioritising SOPs could be successfully implemented.

“We suggest a maintenance group under the state government’s authority led by local governments (PBT) to ensure that SOPs are properly adhered to,” he mentioned. 

“It would be more effective if the state government issues certificates that prove SOPs are followed by operating sectors,” Mohammad Odzman added. “Hopefully, this gives the public confidence that their safety are always prioritised.”

He expressed that business sectors such as hotels, restaurants and cafés should work hand-in-hand with the state government in preparing SOPs matching the needs of each business premises before reopening.

“It is of utmost importance that the public maintains a hygienic culture for the welfare of everyone,” Mohammad Odzman stressed.


Rosli Mansor


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