Pet Dumping On The Rise

The rise in pet dumping, many claimed, is attributed to the fear of the spread of the deadly COVID-19. 

However, Dr Ranjit of Noah‘s Ark, believes that there are other contributing factors why this happens. She alludes to her 30-year experience in caring for animals.

One of the often-cited reasons is pet owners returning to their hometowns due to income loss during the ongoing movement control order (MCO) period. 

“This is a recurring problem that has no solution. It’s been happening the past 30 years or more,” said Ranjit.

“Education is the only way to address this ongoing problem,” she added. 

Asked on how to improve people’s perception of animal cruelty, she explained that the use of posters and banners to instill awareness and understanding would be ideal as people can grasp on the problem better. 

Noah’s Ark vice president, Norfazilatun, said that funds collected are being put to good use like sponsoring neutering programmes, as part of giving back to the community.

“Pamphlets and flyers will be distributed to increase exposure and create awareness on animal cruelty,” she elaborated.

According to Dr. Ranjit, the helpless creatures do not deserve to be left wandering in the streets because of our baseless fear. “There is no scientific evidence that shows animals can transmit the disease,” she told Ipoh Echo during a recent phone interview.

Since Noah’s Ark has no shelter, Dr. Ranjit said that they have no choice but to return the sick strays to the spot they were found after treatment. 

She frequently requested local supermarkets and eateries to give food scraps to the hungry strays. Unfortunately, all her pleas had fallen on deaf ears.

“What we do now is to neuter the feral animals in order to stop them from reproducing,” she highlighted.

“Every four to six weeks, depending on the number of strays, we conduct an adoption drive. Because of the absence of a shelter, rescued animals are temporarily housed at our volunteers’ homes,” said Norfazilatun.

Noah’s Ark is an Ipoh-based animal welfare body.

Readers wishing to help may donate to Persatuan Haiwan Penyelamat Terbiar Bahtera Noah Ipoh via CIMB Account Number: 80-0488594-1. You can also visit Noah’s Ark website at

Gisele Soo


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