Electrical Bill Complaints?

Energy and Natural Resource Minister, Dato’ Dr Shamsul Anuar Nazarah prompted the public to refer to Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) or the Energy Commission (ST) to address any dissatisfaction in their monthly electrical bills .

He said that since the resumption of physical metre reading on May 15, the public lamented the confusing electrical bills received.

“The ministry and TNB will be giving more detailed explanations to the public to clear any confusions,” Shamsul Anuar told reporters in a media session regarding the execution of the Large Scale Solar programme by Malaysia Electricity Industry to Attract Renewable Energy Investment (LSS@MenTARI).

“Beginning June 1, we will be adding more Kedai Tenaga premises so that the public has easier access to necessary information.

“TNB never calculates electrical bills as they wish,” Shamsul Anuar commented. “It can only be done after approval from ST as a regulator for the energy industry.”

Chief executive officer of ST, Abdul Razib Dawood stated that metre readings by TNB always follow necessary orders and that there are no issues regarding intentionally delayed readings by them.

“However, those that are dissatisfied may refer to TNB or us (ST),” he said. “If indeed, there are any mistakes, bill adjustments may be done for future metre readings.”


Rosli Mansor

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