Letter: House Defects in Bandar Meru Prima

As the president of Perak Consumer’s Association (PCA), I met about ten complaints on September 13 at their housing estate itself. Later, an additional thirteen complainants reported their grievances in prescribed forms. Now the total number of dissatisfied consumers from the Taman Bandar Meru Prima is 23.

PCA had written a letter dated 17/09/2020 to the developer. The developer’s lawyer replied via a letter dated 14/10/2020.

PCA is of the view that the developer had used legal technicality to avoid professionally proper management of defects. The complainants are prepared to show proof of the fact.

PCA is also supportive of the complainants to publicize their unhappiness by whatever lawful means like picketing with permission from the relevant authorities. PCA shall endeavor to obtain the necessary permits.

The complainants have the right to show their unhappiness because “every citizen has the right to freedom of speech and expression” as enshrined in Article 10 of the Malaysian Constitution.

We, PCA and the suffering complainants seek your cooperation to exercise this fundamental right of Malaysian citizens to use print media to express their dissatisfaction.

Thank you.


For and Behalf of the


Perak Consumer’s Association

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  1. Hi there, i am one of the resident from bandar meru prima who made the complaint to PCA regarding the house defects.The same defects keep reoccuring again and again at the same place.No proper supervising and diagnosing done before,during and after the work done.Generally the repairs we done by a bangladeshi worker who works for the developer.The workmanship is shoddy and we find this very shocking coming from a big time developer like DKLS…….now they are already starting their 2nd fase project just beside us…..dont know whats going to happen in the future

  2. I am one of the purchaser at Bandar Meru Prima, my house was water leaking (about 18 months after i collect my keys) , i did complaint one time and developer sent a bangala for doing patching up, but after one month ( that month wars raining seasons) or within the same month then problems came back again, yes developer did sent people came to do repair but problems still unsolved ???
    The workmanship with house is far below what i expected. CONCLUSIONS is the price I pay for the house is not equal to what I should get.

    From an unhappy house owner in GENESIS , Bandar Meru Prima

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