Three Victims Confirmed Dead in a Flipped Cement Trailer 

A father and his two sons died in an accident which involved a flipped over cement trailer at Jalan Lama Kota Bharu last night (November 2).

The victims, Hafizi Nizam, 30, and his sons, each aged eight and six, sustained fatal injuries after getting stuck in the heavy duty vehicle.

According to a spokesperson of the State Fire and Rescue Department, an emergency call was received around 10.28pm. A squad was dispatched to the location of the accident.

The cement trailer had slipped onto the edge of the road.

“Operation to save the victims were immediately performed, despite difficulties getting them out due to the upside down trailer.

“A crane and bulldozer were used to aid in moving the vehicle to save the victims.

“Unfortunately, the victims were confirmed dead by a medical officer at the location,” he said.

All three were sent to the police for further actions. The operation ended at around 2.19am today.


Rosli Mansor


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