Tired Tyres? 

Chan Siong Khan

We all need our cars, and every splutter and hiccup that our car exhibits, we go straight to the workshop—but do we ever think about our tyres? Those hardy four wheels that take all the knocks and bumps from the road? 

We maintain our cars but do we maintain our tyres? In fact, it’s one of the most commonly forgotten tasks by end-users.

Ipoh Echo spoke to the director of Expressway Tayar Servis Sdn Bhd, Chan Siong Khan, 36, to re-emphasize the importance of tyre maintenance from daily end-users.

“As most of us already know, the basics need to be done periodically, like checking the air pressure at least once a month,” he told us at his shop located just next to Octagon Square. “Actually, it’s preferable to check on the air pressure once weekly, yet it’s nearly impossible for users given their busy schedules.

“Apart from that, tyres need to be sent to workshops for examination of the tyres’ rotation, balancing and alignment for every 10,000 kilometres traveled,” Chan added. 

Chan, who has been in the business for 19 years, reminded the public to drive carefully.

“Tyres are the only contact between the car and the ground. We can’t control what kind of surface we drive on, but we can always take care of our tyres by driving gently. This means no sudden turns or extreme rotation of the steering wheel.

“The lifespan of a tyre is highly dependent on its branding, gripping ability and rubber compound, which also contributes to the effectiveness of acceleration and braking systems of a car,” he explained.

“A premium tyre could cost between RM150 to RM3,000 each, while normal ones are RM70 to RM2,000 each,” Chan further elaborated. “The price is dependent on the brand and size.”

According to him, there is a variant of tyre called ‘ultra high performance’ (UHP) tyre. Its lifespan does not exceed 30,000 km.

“These wear out fast, but provide a much more accurate control and seamless driving experience compared to normal ones.

“I’ve received queries time to time from customers, asking why UHP tyres do not last long,” he stated. 

Chan opined that there isn’t enough exposure regarding tyres, specifications and so many more elements, towards the public in our country.

Tyre tread indicator
Tyre tread limit

“Not only that; very little research and development (R&D) facilities are available for tyre companies, making it difficult to optimise tyres for local usage,” he lamented. “To make things worse, there is a shortage of tyre stocks, resulting from the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19. 

“This is why I urge the public to either drive very carefully or have tyres replaced, when the time comes,” Chan mentioned.

“Hopefully, there’ll be more sharing of tyre knowledge in the future, for the public to know better and be able to analyse their own car tyre specifications and requirements. It’s also crucial to prevent oneself from getting cheated out of their hard-earned money,” he expressed.

It does not stop here. Please visit Oponeo to better understand and locate the specifications and limits of your tyre. You’ll regret not reading it.

Happy driving and stay safe, Ipohites!


Chris Teh


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