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Travelodge Ipoh the First to Launch Steamboat-style Penang White Curry Mee

By Mei Kuan

Ipohites are in for a treat as The Lodge Restaurant of Travelodge Ipoh unveiled a plethora of ala carte lunch dishes with promotional price tags and a sneak peek of its upcoming steamboat-style Penang white curry mee.

Besides Penang white curry, the steamboat is going to feature three other varieties of broth, namely Penang prawn noodle soup (Hokkien Mee), laksa and chi kut teh (soup simmered with a variety of herbs).

Chong Lih Chyi, the Executive Chef

“We would like to introduce Penang white curry mee and Penang Hokkien mee to our Muslim friends, as many have not tried it before. These specialties are originally non-halal, thus we have modified the recipe to suit our Muslim friends for launch in Ipoh. Ipoh Travelodge is set to be the first hotel in Malaysia to launch steamboat-style Penang white curry mee and prawn mee for guests,” explained Chong Lih Chyi, the Executive Chef who hails from Penang.

“Both are signature Penang food. Nowadays, people prefer to go for instant recipes, rendering the traditional recipes less popular. For instance in Penang, no more than 100 people are still sustaining the traditional recipe of white curry mee. Here, we cook the paste from scratch. To me, tradition is something that we have to retain and practise,” he added.

To be launched on November 18, the steamboat set is priced at RM48 nett with two soup bases and an assortment of fresh ingredients. Recommended for two diners, a spoonful of curry paste is provided for diners who prefer a more fiery kick in their Penang white curry!

Meanwhile, the ongoing ala carte menu for lunch highlights various Asian and Western fares including club sandwich (RM25), mee goreng mamak (wok-fried yellow noodle – RM25), nasi lemak kukus (rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf – RM25), nasi goreng istimewa (traditional-style fried rice – RM25), fish and chips (RM25), comford burger with beef or chicken patty (RM25), chicken rendang (chicken thigh cooked in a coconut base with spices – RM25) and lamb shank rendang (RM59).

Mee goreng mamak (wok-fried yellow noodle)
Lamb shank rendang

Get 20% off your bill and a complimentary glass of chilled juice every day during lunch hours from 12pm till 2.30pm!

Travelodge reopened on October 16 along Jalan Raja Dihilir in Ipoh as the city’s first internationally-branded hotel offering 268 newly refurbished rooms. The hotel has multiple meeting and dining facilities including The Lodge, a multi-use communal and dining space.

Operating in strict adherence to the health and safety standard operating procedures (SOPs), The Lodge has a seating capacity of 60 and is pork-free.

Interested readers can call the hotel at 05 242 8888. For more updates, visit the Travelodge Ipoh Facebook page or its website: www.TravelodgeIpoh.com


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