Stop This Cruelty 

Carcasses of several stray dogs were found along the roadside in Taman Bistari across the road from the Papan dumpsite and many more could be seen in the dumpsite itself. According to some residents of the Taman, it appears that the poor animals were poisoned sometime on Saturday night or early Sunday morning, 8 November. One such dog was still struggling when they tried to revive him while some were already found to be cold and stiff.

Loh and Joe, both animal lovers from Ipoh who regularly drive to the dumpsite with their group to feed and build make-shift shelters for the strays, were appalled at what they saw on Sunday morning. They say that this has been going on for some time but never on this scale before. They also noticed that the population of the strays have been diminishing lately during their feed-time. Is someone “dog-napping” as they have seen people going around the dumpsite with nets on their motorbikes?

Please leave the poor animals alone and give them a chance to survive even if you do not feed them.


Ong SH


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