Saving the World Together, One Food Box at a Time 

Looking after the welfare of surrounding residents is never better than a contribution of food boxes. This is a feat done by the Association for Rejuvenation of the Thinking of Society.

According to its president, Victor Chew, the contribution is an aid to residents of Pasir Pinji New Village, especially those who’ve lost their source of income due to COVID-19, the elderly and the disabled.

“It started back on August 30 this year and it has been held every Sunday since then,” he told Ipoh Echo when met yesterday (November 15) at his shop lot along Jalan Pasir Pinji (two shops next to Sin Eng Hoe Biscuit Store).

“At the moment, the food box contribution drive is the major programme held by the association.

“We first started with provision of only 30 food boxes. As we advanced, we now provide 100.

“The contribution only covers residents of the new village who pre-registered with us, but we always make an exception for disabled individuals. 

“A member of the association prepares the food. At times, when the contribution drive coincides with a festival celebration, we will give away food associated with the festival. 

“Today, for instance, is the first day of the lunar calendar’s tenth month, thus we provided paos (Chinese steamed buns) with filling along with the food boxes.

“We also feature the food sponsor for each week. This week, the food is sponsored by Sea Breeze Seafood Market,” Victor elaborated.

Through the weekly drive, he hopes to instil values of good ethics, while also educating anyone who receives aid from the association to go green via recycling. 

“The shop lot here is also our recycling centre. We highly encourage residents to provide us with recyclable wastes. Members of our association will obtain points based on the weight of given materials.

“We then liaise with recycling stations in partnership with us to transport the wastes. Profits earned from them will go to campaigning for 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) activities and other environmental betterment projects.

“Apart from that, we hope to instil values which are mostly absent among the modern generation of people today, like basic manners, mutual respect and careful thinking, through the food box contribution. 

The work is hard and as Victor stated, “It’s not easy maintaining any contribution drive, let alone food boxes. Thus, we would appreciate any form of assistance from any kind-hearted Samaritans in the future,” he expressed.

Interested readers who would like to provide a helping hand in keeping the meaningful cause alive may contact Victor at 016 563 9609. They can also be reached at Facebook pages Persatuan Rejuvinasi Pemikiran Masyarakat and Go GreenPerak City.


The shop lot is located at the following address:
1269, Jalan Pasir Pinji, 31650 Ipoh


Chris Teh


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